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The resonance created from specific instruments

can work on the whole person from the inside out,

reducing anxiety, tension, pain and sadness

while improving sleep, calm and awareness.  

Experience live sounds from

resonating and soothing instruments

​such as quartz crystal singing bowls, 

the handpan, the ocean drum, tingsha bells,

koshi chimes and the gong.​

Breathe, set intentions and restore your

body on a cellular level, while relaxing

or moving with these sound frequencies.  

Kindly contact us for sound balancing group rates.

"Sound may actually be a complex geometric pattern moving through whatever medium it is traversing" (Tuning the Human Biofield, 34). The geometries within sound and music can be made visible through such things as a CymaScope, a dish of water, or a Chladni plate (a flat, metal plate which a medium like salt is placed, with a speaker underneath it). The higher the frequency, the more complex the geometry is produced. This makes tuning forks a useful body balancing tool.

Simone Vitale explains that sound (as well as thought) has the ability to actually change the molecular structure of water. The experiments conducted by Masaru Emoto constitute a beautiful example of the link between the vibration of sound and the arrangement of the molecules in this extraordinary element which is capable of storing information.

Eileen Day McKusick continues to emphasize in her book, Tuning the Human Biofield, that sound effects substances. This makes sense as to why people practice mantras. Humans are made up of mostly water (NOTE: Sound travels through air at approximately 350 meters per second, and through water at approximately 1500 meters per second). The sound that we produce, and surround ourselves with, reverberates through us, and around us, which affects all of the structures within our bodies.

"From the tone of our voice to the words we speak, and the sentiment with which we speak them, the sounds we make [and surround ourselves with] produce a continuous creative structuring in our bodies" (Tuning the Human Biofield, 34).

The following two links are cymatics (the study of sound and vibration made visible through a medium) videos.  The first one is by Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and pioneer in this field. The second one is by Nigel Stanford, an incredible artist that shows how The Elements are affected by sound. Enjoy!

Take time to feel the sound around you and moving through you...

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