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Educator, Counsellor, Reiki Master & Teacher, Artist, Writer, Owner of Expressions For The Soul

A little about me…

I was diagnosed with asthma by my first birthday and was on a machine to breathe every 3-4 hours or brought to the hospital to be hooked up to the “big machine” that pumped more air in my lungs when it got really bad. I had respiratory failure twice as a young child. Learning breathing techniques, singing and playing music, as well as keeping my body moving saved my life. 

I played every sport I could growing up and loved it! It wasn’t until high school that concussions became an issue. I had to retire earlier than expected from Varsity soccer when, during one of my summers playing in the Provincial League, I rocked my head pretty hard. The doctor told me that if I wanted to speak to my children when I got older he suggested that I better stop playing soccer. 

So, I devoted my energy to learning and completed my Bachelors of English Degree in Concurrent Education, my Social Service Worker Diploma and my Masters of Science in Education. My Thesis was entitled, ‘Alternatives To Medicating Children With ADHD.’

As life journeyed on, I became a teacher at the local school board, married a passionate firefighter and became a proud mama of 2 beautifully smart and incredible children. 

As my life’s journey continued, I faced trauma, enlightenment and transformation. I met some magnificent teachers, became a Reiki Master and Teacher and studied my health from the inside out. It has been a beautifully orchestrated journey thus far. 

I want to share what I have learned and am blessed to do so during my classes at Expressions For The Soul. Whatever class resonates with you, it’s time to take the first step to wholeness and wellness within your mind, body and soul.