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Hand Drums


Author and motivational speaker, Cheryl Lee Harnish, describes music and the importance of it in our lives so beautifully. She says, music plays a very important part in our energetic and physical wellbeing. Music and certain binaural rhythms have the ability to guide us into altered states of consciousness. Music can calm us down, rev us up and affect our mood in many ways. It can assist in the physical release of disease and alter our cellular frequencies. It can also affect the vibrational energy patterns within a space.

Release any fear that is holding you back and be comfortable

in your skin as you move & create rhythm with shakers and drums

like the djembe, the doumbek, bongos, the hand pan,

dun duns, the tongue drum, and more.

Playing instruments and creating rhythm can boost

your immune system, release inner trauma and promote healing.

Drumming has a positive effect on anxiety, grief, fatigue,

depression, and behavioural issues. 

No music experience necessary. 

It’s time to be brave and shine bright! 

Kindly contact for group rates.

Music is powerful medicine! 

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